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The Hartford User Group Exchange was established in 1981 as means of providing a forum for computer users and enthusiasts to exchange information on the newly emerging micro-computing environment.

HUGE is education-oriented and community based. It is staffed entirely by volunteers. We offer a wide variety of services and support for the major computer platforms to meet the needs of our members.


I was introduced to the "Google" App by my grandaughter. It was easy to install from the Apple app store. If you take a picture with it, it does a darn good job identifying what it is. Really quite amazing. Give it a try. US flag, carnation, symbol on cereal box, etc.

The usual Google caveats. You need a Google account to signon, and there are a couple of warnings about privacy.



Looking for up-to-date science stories (mostly space launch updates and astronomy related)from a creditable source?

Check out

Universe Today

Fraser Cain, its publisher, sends out a free newsletter each Friday with lots of information and links.

Here's a couple of clips from the 3/25/22 newsletter:

-Researchers at the University of Tokyo have for the first time been able to create an RNA molecule that replicates, diversifies and develops complexity, following Darwinian evolution. This has provided the first empirical evidence that simple biological molecules can lead to the emergence of complex lifelike systems.
The team was truly excited by what it saw. “We found that the single RNA species evolved into a complex replication system: a replicator network comprising five types of RNAs with diverse interactions, supporting the plausibility of a long-envisioned evolutionary transition scenario,” said Mizuuchi.


-Milky Way seen edge-on:


Here's a couple of links for free help delivered to your email regularly.

Check out these sites: From the home page simply enter your email address and you’ll be set up to receive ongoing tips.


Here's a listing of Government and Private Space Agencies!




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